How to Make Malaysian Honeycomb Cake (Kek Sarang Semut) (recipe)

I am always on the quest to look for a new tea time treat. This week’s treat is Malaysian honeycomb cake (kek sarang semut), which takes its name from its beehive-like interior, full of little air pockets. The caramel toffee flavour and the spongy, airy texture sure makes this cake a lovely afternoon delight. Malaysian honeycomb […]

How to make Palm Sugar Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake (Bánh Bò) (recipe)

Bánh bò (Vietnamese honeycomb cake) is a type of sweet and chewy sponge cake from Vietnam, and a relative of Indonesian bika ambon or Malaysian honeycomb cake (kek sarang semut) (click on the link for the recipe). You don’t eat bánh bò by immediately biting into it, because the cake is very chewy and rather leathery, but […]

Zebra Ogura cake recipe (with video)

Ogura Cake! I remember this cake was once such a hit amongst Asian bloggers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia… People were literally crazy about it, as it resembles very much the famous soft and airy Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (JCC) but without using many fat ingredients. In JCC, there are cream cheese, butter, whipping cream…; but […]