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Exotic Saigon – Street Foods

You can’t say you have had a taste of Saigon if you haven’t experienced stopping at a small food stall and order a local dish. Street foods take a special part of my childhood memory, and are truly the essence of Saigon’s cuisine. In this post I will introduce three very popular street foods that […]

My Saigon Story – To the South of Vietnam

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh city as its official name, is my hometown, where I was born and grown up until 15. It is so dear and familiar to me that no matter how long I have been gone, every time I come back, it still feels like returning home. If people ask me about […]

Vietnam 101: How do the Vietnamese celebrate Christmas? (and travelling tips if you’re in Vietnam during Xmas)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year It’s the hap-hapiest season of all.   There’s definitely something magical about Christmas. You know how November rain and January blizzards give you chill and depression? Well, the closer it gets to Christmas, the warmer December winter gets. You know how people often wear dark colors in […]