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My Mom is Vietnamese and would make me Thit Ko (not sure of spelling) when I lived at home. I have tried to copy her recipe but she doesn’t measure anything so it’s hard to get it right. Would you concider posting recipe? in case I spelled it wrong it is pork, Carmeled sugar, fish sauce, pepper black and chili, and boiled egg. Thank you!

Linh Trang

Hi Christine, thank you so much for reminding me of this nice recipe. I did plan to share this recipe on RicenFlour but still need to edit the photos a bit. I will try to do it soon this week. Can you wait a little?
Btw, the Vietnamese name of the dish is: Thit kho (or “thịt kho”), the word “kho” means to be braised. We have many different versions of this braised pork in caramelised pork all over the country. I’m not sure if mine is similar to your mom’s thit kho. But let’s give it a try first and if it isn’t, we can discuss further on it and maybe I can help you to make adjustment with the recipe.


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