Chrysanthemum Mooncake recipe

Ever since I discovered that I can make my own homemade natural food colourings, I have been very excited to try out using them in many different ways. And because of RnF’s mooncakes series, my kitchen has been filled with a lot of mooncake ingredients that are more than enough for me to conduct some […]

How to make Snowskin Mooncakes (recipe without shortening)

Now that you have known the basics of traditional Vietnamese mooncakes (if you haven’t, check out the recipes for baked mooncakes here and snow-skin mooncakes here), it is time to get creative. I love old-school and traditional styles when it comes to food, but there is always room for improvement for everything in life. To […]

How to make Matcha Mooncakes with Red Bean Filling

Matcha (green tea) is probably one of the most popular health food at the moment. The full-of-life green colour of matcha powder, which is essentially the ground leaves of a special type of green tea, is a tell-tale sign of its many great health benefits. Certainly in Vietnam and many other Asian countries, matcha-flavoured desserts have […]

How to make snowskin mooncakes (cold Singaporean style)

I first tried Singaporean snow-skin mooncakes a few years ago when I happened to travel to Singapore during Mid-Autumn Festival. The ingredients of a Singaporean snow-skin mooncake are relatively similar to those of Vietnamese one: the crust is made of glutinous rice and traditionally white (hence the ‘snow’ in ‘snow-skin’), the filling is usually made […]