How to make Honey whole wheat bread 50% (recipe)

Before, I wasn’t so interested in whole wheat bread. I always had an impression that even though it is tasty, its texture is so dense and wet, sometimes even a little hard. Hence, with an “Asian tongue” that mainly favours breads with soft and tender texture, I found it difficult to “fall in love” with these […]

Vietnam 101: How do the Vietnamese celebrate Christmas? (and travelling tips if you’re in Vietnam during Xmas)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year It’s the hap-hapiest season of all.   There’s definitely something magical about Christmas. You know how November rain and January blizzards give you chill and depression? Well, the closer it gets to Christmas, the warmer December winter gets. You know how people often wear dark colors in […]

Vietnam 101: Hello :-)

As you might already know, Rice ‘n Flour editorial team consists of seven members who live in different parts of the world. Although we can’t wait to share with you our experience in the “Around the World” section, this part of our blog is dedicated solely to our home country. It has been almost half […]

How to make Meringue Mushrooms (recipe)

Meringue is an incredibly popular and cheap decoration made from beating egg whites with sugar until stiff and baking at a low temperature. The final meringue should be light, crispy and, of course, edible. Meringue is so flexible so feel free to let your imagination go wild This post is dedicated specifically to meringue mushrooms, […]

How to make Biscotti (recipe with almonds, pistachios and cranberries)

Biscotti is the type of cookies that always makes me feel happy and satisfied every time I bake them. It doesn’t cost a lot of efforts to prepare Biscotti and also doesn’t require high-level baking skills or techniques. Everything seems to be very straightforward. Just follow the recipe and after 60 minutes, you will have […]