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How to make authentic French Brioche (recipe from Le Cordon Bleu Paris – with video)

I rarely use the word “magical” to describe food, until I was introduced to the taste of the famous Brioche bread – another masterpiece in French kitchen art. The “magical” Brioche is well-known for its especially light, fluffy and soft texture, which tastes almost like a hybrid between bread and cake. This texture derives from […]

How to make Hokkaido Milk Bread – recipe with video

This Hokkaido Milk Bread isn’t a newly invented recipe. I have seen dozens of recipes for this bread in recent years. These recipes in general fall into two groups: the first group follows the regular bread-making method, while the second group applies Tangzhong method (or Water roux), which is famous for its ability to make […]

How to make bread (101 tutorial) – P3: Proofing and Shaping

In this series of “How to make bread”, we would like to guide you through the whole procedure of making a loaf of bread from scratch. We introduce not only the basic steps, necessary techniques and skills (such as folding or proofing the dough), but also important notes (plus tips and tricks) to ensure you […]