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How to make Bubble Tea – recipe with ‘Soft Cheese Jelly’

FOREWARNING: This post is really going to indulge the inner child inside you. ‘Soft cheese jelly’? No – you’re not reading it wrong. You are probably having the same reaction I had last summer, when I came back to Hanoi over the school holiday and was introduced by my friends to this new ‘sensational’ delicacy: […]

How to make Panang Curry (Thai Curry recipe)

I personally enjoy Thai dishes – probably because they share many similar seasoning techniques with Vietnamese dishes. Some of them are actually very healthy, like curries. Unlike those myths you have heard of, curries don’t cause acnes or widen your waistline even when they contain many spicy ingredients like lemongrass, pepper, chili and galangal; or oily like coconut oil […]

Crispy chicken wings with spicy tamarind sauce

Chicken wings might just be among the most versatile ingredients in the world. They’re easy to cook, and can be worked into a variety of delicious dishes that can either go with rice (the traditional Vietnamese type of meal), or stand just as strongly as a main by themselves. Last winter, I sometimes snatched a […]