Glass Noodles/ Vermicelli (Miến)

* Common names: Vermicelli noodles, Cellophane noodles, Bean thread noodles, Transparent noodles.

* How they look like: extremely thin, round. They are available to buy only in dried form, and usually tangled into a large bundle. Dried vermicelli noodles have their distinguish gray/semitransparent color due to the fact that they are made of mung beans or, for some special types, cassava. When fully cooked, glass noodles become clear, slippery, and extra flexible.

* How to serve them: since they are only available dried, you must soak them in hot water until soft and a bit chewy before cooking them (about 10 – 15 minutes). Break up a bundle if you need to get the right quantity for your recipe.

* Glass noodles are used in a variety of Vietnamese dishes, with broth to make noodles soup or stir-fried. Note that Vietnamese glass noodles are different from Korean glass noodles, which are usually made from potato starch. Also, these vermicelli noodles and the Rice vermicelli noodles are two different types of noodles. While vermicelli noodles are made of mung beans or cassava, rice vermicelli noodles are made of rice flour (as a result, they are used in different types of dishes and in general, can’t be substitute for each other).


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