Round rice noodles/ Rice Vermicelli noodles (Bún)

* Common names: Rice Vermicelli noodles or Bún in Vietnamese.

* How they look like: thin white round noodle, fresh or dry (the Vermicelli noodles that you can find in Asian stores are usually dry).

* How to serve them:

– Boil the dried noodles in 8 – 10 minutes until they turn soft (softer than al-dente but not too soft). Drain the noodles, then immediately soak them with boiled water in 2 – 3 minutes. Drain again and shake very well to remove all excess water. Soaking the noodles in hot water is the secret to keep them soft while prevent them from sticking to each other. The reason is that hot water helps to remove starch released from the noodles while being cooked.

– These Rice Vermicelli noodles are quite typical Vietnamese noodles. Although in Singapore, there’s also a similar type of noodle, they are not exactly the same. Similar as the flat rice noodles, these vermicelli noodles are used very widely in Vietnamese kitchens and play an important role in many delicious Vietnamese dish. Some of the most popular dishes are:

  • Noodles soups: Round rice noodles a variety of stock as well as meat and herbs toppings. Some common combinations are Bun rieu cua (crab meat, fried tofu, tomato, and veggies), Bun oc (very similar to Bun rieu cua yet using snail meat instead of crab meat), Bun ca (fried fish with fish broth, tomato, and dill), Bun mang (duck meat with bamboo shoots), Bun thang (fried egg, Vietnamese pork roll, veggies – all thinly cut into strips), etc.
  • Serving with dipping sauce: Bun cha (grilled pork, salads, pickled vegetables and sweet & sour dipping sauce), Bun nem (fried spring rolls, salads, pickled vegetables and sweet & sour dipping sauce), Bun dau (fried tofu, veggies, and shrimp paste)

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