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Korean Spicy Chicken Wing recipe

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? How about pulling a scrumptious lip-smacking delicious piece of meat out of its bone and let the flavour explode in your mouth, while enjoying a glass of refreshing cold drinks (alright, beer I mean, mmhmm), sounds absolutely tasty, doesn’t it? Chicken wings are surely crowd-pleasers and definitely my go-to dish […]

Vietnamese Grilled Pork Skewers recipe

Perhaps the most attractive scent ever for humankind is the smell of meat grilling over an open fire. I would always remember grilled pork skewers as a childhood after school snack. There would always be a pork skewer stall in front of many schools in Vietnam, with the stall owner grilling the skewers on and […]

How to make Panang Curry (Thai Curry recipe)

I personally enjoy Thai dishes – probably because they share many similar seasoning techniques with Vietnamese dishes. Some of them are actually very healthy, like curries. Unlike those myths you have heard of, curries don’t cause acnes or widen your waistline even when they contain many spicy ingredients like lemongrass, pepper, chili and galangal; or oily like coconut oil […]