Glazing is a technique of coating dough or baked goods with a sweet (sometimes savoury) liquid ingredient/mixture to create the glossiness, colour and aroma for the finished products. For baked goods with fresh fruits on top (like fruit tarts), glaze also serves as a protective coating to prevent fruits from moving or drying. The technique includes dipping, dripping, pouring or brushing with a brush on the outside or between layers of baked goods. Glaze comes in various types such as egg (beaten egg whites, egg yolks, or whole eggs), chocolate, milk, butter, sugar, fruit or fruit juice, jam or jelly. For bread; egg-based glazes, butter or oil are often coated on the dough prior to baking. For other pastries or cakes; sugar, melted chocolate, jam or jelly are usually glazed on baked goods. Those glazes usually require a short period of time to be at cool place or in refrigerator before serving.

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